Our production continues in our factory established on an area of 10.000 m2 located at Çayırova / Kocaeli.

Our factories continue to be operated with the most advanced IT, automation, simulation, process control and control systems as well as modeling systems in accordance with Industry 4.0.

95 % of our manufactured products are exported.

Integrated Production with Robotics, CNC and Automation

All products are designed, developed, improved in 3D in computer environment and put into production after performing the necessary tests in computer environment.

Having furnished with contemporary and modern automation systems, our factory is equipped with high-level machines that include data exchange and production technologies.

Necessary analyzes are conducted on the designed products and transferred to the production line with necessary approvals based on the production of the prototype. The data obtained are analyzed and necessary interventions are made on time for efficient production.

Our Production Facility
Production Chain

4. We continue our production in a sustainable way by focusing on the following issues in our facility in line with the Industrial Revolution.
► Facilitating system monitoring and troubleshooting

► Ensuring self-awareness of systems and components

► Ensuring that the system is sustainable with environmentally friendly and resource-saving behaviors

► Ensuring higher efficiency

► Increasing flexibility in production

► Developing new service and business models

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