About Us

GUVEN Grab & Machine Inc. was founded in K. Maltepe/Istanbul in 1984 under the title Güven Kepçe Sanayi.

We continue our activities in our factory established on an area of 10.000 m2 located at Çayırova / Kocaeli. Our company produces and exports any kinds of bulk cargo handling grabs for any loading and discharging operations.


Our customer portfolio is mainly composed of bulk cargo ship owners, Shipyards, Stevedoring companies, Ports, Iron and Steel factories, Sea Dredging and Port construction companies.


Our productions are sent to shipyards especially in China, Japan and Korea in recent years and they are used as the equipment for Hadysize, Supramax, Ultramax ships built in the shipyards.


Our company is listed among the "top two" companies that produce grabs worldwide. We export our products to more than 90 countries worldwide, including China, Japan, Greece, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Tunisia, Russia, Egypt, Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Algeria, UAE, Kuwait, Pakistan, Singapore, Bangladesh etc.


95 % of our products are exported, China accounts for 65% of our exports. In this context, importation of loading and unloading grabs has been prevented and our company contributes to our country with a considerable amount of foreign currency input through our exports. We have designed 4 types of grabs and registered them with the "Industrial Design Registration Certificate" under the Turkish Patent Institute. There are 12 patent certificates in various fields registered in the name of our company.


Our aim of being the first and permanent choice of our customers, has led the objective of being the best in the industry continuously. At this point, we are proud to have a customer portfolio spread all over the world and to see this becoming widespread.


In this sector we serve, our aim to meet the demands and expectations of our customers at higher levels with the effective participation of our trained employees, has increasingly continued and will continue in the same direction. Believing in the principle of continuous development together with the expectations of the industry and our customers in all our decisions, practices and service objectives, would be sufficient for explaining why we are at this point now.


We bring technology together with creativity and unique human skills. The fact that these grabs, produced completely in Turkey, have a worldwide user base, is an indication of the trust in our products, which is a proud for us.... And we are honored that you share this pride with us.

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