Electro Hydraulic Orange-peel Motor Grab

Product Description :

GUVEN®️ Electro Hydraulic Orange-peel Grabs can be operated with power cables on cranes, enable the most efficient handling of bulk materials together with ship cranes, mobile harbour cranes, portal cranes, etc. We offer a wide range of orange peel grabs for various applications and for materials of different weights, such as scrap, HBI, HMS, pig iron, wood chips, coal and etc.
We also manufacture attachments that are customized for customer specific needs.

GUVEN® provides worldwide service network.

Comfortable and Efficient Using

GUVEN® provides first aid spare parts for smooth operations.
Operate with electric supply, environmentally friendly.
Operating system can be chosen for electric system.
The control can be active on mobile harbour cranes
Smooth start-up system.
Simple and efficient structure.
Opens on the air and closes on the air and floor.
Open and close functions can be acted under various states.
Operating up to 45 degrees angle of cargo.
Working legs independently depending of cargo at operation.
Hydraulic cylinders with brake at the end of open function of grab.

Less Maintenance

Simple and basic structure
All materials are Heavy duty for high performance.
Less Maintenance roller bearings and bushes.

Easy Installation and Fitting

Always ready to use with all accessories.
Cable drum system can be necessary on ship crane operations.

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