Mechanical Clamshell 2 Roped and 4 Roped Grab

Product Description :

GUVEN® Mechanical Clamshell 2 Roped and 4 Roped Grabs can be operated without power cables on cranes. They are developed to use mainly on ports especially for mobile harbour cranes to handle bulk cargoes. GUVEN® provides worldwide service network.

Comfortable and Efficient Using

Operate with wire rope, NO motor and hydraulic system
Simple and efficient structure.
Low failure rate due to four rope system.
Opens on the air by lowering closing ropes, closes on the air by lifting closing ropes.
Open and close functions can be acted under various states.
Operating up to 45 degrees angle of cargo.
Operating speed of grab depends on Crane speed
4 pieces lifting lugs for carrying loader (Optional)
Kick plates for reduce the capacity in order to handle different types of bulk cargoes. (Optional)

Less Maintenance

Simple and basic structure
Less Maintenance roller bearings and bushes.
High quality wire ropes
Central Greasing System (Optional)

Easy Installation and Fitting

Always ready to use with all accessories.
Pear Sokets for quick connections.
Holding Points with shackle and master link
Holding Points with chain group (Optional)

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