Radio Remote Control Orange-peel Grab

Product Description :

GUVEN® Radio Remote Control Orange-peel Grabs can be operated without power cables on cranes. They are developed to use mainly on handling pieced bulk cargoes, woodchip. GUVEN® provides worldwide service network.


Comfortable and Efficient Using

GUVEN® provides first aid spare parts for smooth operations.
NO motor and pump.
NO cable and electric supply.
NO need to operate generators.
Opens on the air by remote control Closes on the ground by lifting of crane. 
Special design «zero shock opening system» with high technology.      
No any shake to crane 
Operating up to 45 degrees angle of cargo with central cylinder.
Up to 400 hours non-stop working without recharging of batteries.
Up to 100 meters operating range Heavy duty remote controller.


Less Maintenance

Simple and basic hydraulic system, central hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic block unit.
Less hydraulic oil, only 105 litters.
NO complicated electrical system, no special cards.


Easy Installation and Fitting

Possible to use any type of crane
Always ready to use with all accessories.
NO need additional accessories to use on vessel like cable drum system or chain.  Connect to hook of crane and work with immediately.

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